Terms and Conditions


Disclaimer :
1. Toolzshop.biz is oldest existing and trusted spam tools autoshop for buying tools from top verified hackers and spammers!
2. Sellers and owners of this shop take NO responsibility for way you use information provided on this website!
Refunding Rules :
1. Check shells / mailers before you buy , we dont refund for invalid shells , we can only refund if upload/unzip/delivering doesn't work .
2. All tools updated and checked daily by sellers for avoid any problema
3. RDP are hacked so we can only refund if RDP doesn't work , We dont refund if someone else is using the same RDP because they are not our RDP's , they are hacked RDP's and their legit administrator can login from time-to-time .
4. Email+Pass are Fresh and most of them work , but as you know there cannot be a 100% valid Rate , so we must replace any bad login
5. We sell full Scripts so we cannot refund You if You dont know how to configure or use the Script .
8. To report a Bad Tool You must use the REPORT button within 10 minutes which appears in the right of the tool , in other way we cant give you a refund & replacement .
Payment Rules :
1.You must transfer the exact amount , in other case we cannot discount the tool-prices .
2.All payments are added instantly and automatic !
3.Minimum to add in the Toolzshop shop for every payment method is 5000$
Support Rules :
1. Do not use bad words in ticket, any problema is quickly resolved when open tocket
2. Do not create double-tickets , create one ticket and include all problema then wait for your ticket to be solved .
3. Do not complain for Stuff if You have not reported them in time (10minutes) by using the "REPORT BUTTON" .
Every lack of respect for these rules will result to a Permanent Ban !